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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 

PLEASE NOTE - all the photographs in this site are of real Impetus

Dental Training CPD events - our aim is to put you in the picture!

All our courses and workshops are researched and designed to help you achieve YOUR goals, solve YOUR problems, develop YOUR people. We will deliver training WHERE you want (in the practice or any location / venue) and WHEN you want. And we always consult ALL the team.

January 2019, Whitehouse Dental, Sutton Coldfield enjoying a SERIOUS Teambuilding day "Share, Care, Communicate" which they designed themselves.

A fabulous day in Sutton Park

Design your own Course / Workshop using our unique "How Good Are We At .......?" questionnaires

Ideally ALL team members (not just those attending a course) will answer ANONYMOUSLY the 12 easy-to-answer questions in one or more (see below) of our "How good ARE we .....?" questionnaires. The results then both influence the structure of a course agenda AND are analysed by course delegates as a key session IN that agenda

We often include more than one questionnaire. as in the example agenda of Whitehouse Dental who chose Teamwork and Customer Care.

We currently offer three questionnaires

How Good Are We At ....Teamwork?

How Good Are We At .... Customer Care?

How Good Are We At .... Helping Patients to Buy? 

Delegates decide in which areas they need

to improve and HOW to do so!

HGAWat 19 flyer 23 19 flyer 22 19 flyer 25

and how are we going to get there?

where do we go from here ?

where are we now?

We deliver

training which is


to be high value to practice and patients - if they feel at ease and trust everyone,

they will take ownership

of their practice - and

tell their friends!

Is it really Autumn already?

We deliver

training which is


boosting communications camaraderie, motivation,

and individual skills

AND the researched

business goals of

the practice

And we, Cheryl/Rick (Our Team) have been doing it for over 20 years. Though we get a lot of help because....

Practice Team Members Plan and Design Their Own Training !

Please email or call us 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 (Rick) to arrange a no-obligation consultation

Please email or call us on 01494 589 889

or 07831 345 373 (Rick) to arrange a no-obligation consultation

verifiable CPD which develops people to develop RESULTS

Teambuilding and Communications, Customer / Patient Care,

Leadership / Management, Strategic Planning, HELPING Patients to Buy

The teamwork excercise is The Balloonpole The Education Centre - our meeting room That's Rick peeping through the hole!

These three photos are of the Sunny Smiles Dental Innovations team at Bedfords Park Wildlife Centre in Essex in July 2019

01 Autumn

It certainly will be soon - and maybe the ideal time to

boost practice morale with Serious Teambuilding 

 -  designed by team members themselves !

Cheryl !

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