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- helping dental practice teams help their patients - in “New Normal” times !

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He has worked with practices of all sizes and types, in all corners of the UK, from Scapa Dental Centre on Orkney to Meneage Dental in Cornwall and Wales and Northern Ireland.

As a result of all his experience he knows a bit about how to maximise success in a dental practice!

See Happy Practices for a selection of case studies.

Rick Whitehead, the founder of Impetus Training, has been working with the dental profession for more than 20 years - practices, postgraduate; dealers, laboratories, manufacturers and groups.

"Please give me a call or drop me an email with any queries, or for any advice - or to just touch base with me again if we have worked together in the past !"    -   07831 345 373   -    [email protected]

Rick Whitehead

Rick Whitehead

Now in his 70s Rick hasn't retired because he loves what he does - providing "Added Value" to peoples lives - especially dental professionals and their patients.

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Though Rick hasn't held any courses or workshops or his famous tailor-made teambuilding events for practice teams since 2019, he has used the "opportunity" the covid pandemic has presented to transform all his original material into practical "Self Help" reference books and "D.I.Y." guides and resources which.........

  • Individuals can use to help them develop towards their TRUE potential

  • Practice TEAMS can use in meetings - enjoyably helping each other, solving problems, realising opportunities

  • Rick can help them to do this remotely

For books available go to Self Help Books. For the guides and resouces go to D.I.Y. Resources

Rick with the Smiles & More Team, Holders Hill, in 2017

  • Rick himself can use when he cautiously creeps out into the glare of the "new normal" to help practices (where, of course, they are comfortable with him joining their "bubble") See Bespoke Courses

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