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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

Participating team members each receive a copy of the 32 page handbook "HELPING Patients to Buy"

  • Teamwork - Share, Care, Communicate !

  • Empathy - inside the patient’s mind; how to earn their respect

  • Establishing a patient’s TRUE needs - getting to know patients

  • Presenting to HELP a patient buy - features and benefits

Chapters in the HELPING Patients to Buy handbook include:

  • HELPING patients decide - “closing the sale”

  • Use and interpretation of body language - golden rules

  • HELPING reluctant patients - gaining agreement; assertiveness

  • HELPING patients over the telephone - converting enquiries

A TWO HOUR Learning Module; ideal numbers 4 to 8

The Benefits


  • how to allocate functions for maximum effectiveness and fulfilment

There will be times when team members need to be assertive, a complaining patient, or asking for money; and some team members will find it easier than others. But if we know WHY, eg to HELP a patient, and we know HOW - the techniques and words to say - then we can be BRAVE and do it - and feel PROUD afterwards!

Who Should Attend

any team members who need to be more assertive (strong) AND those who need to be LESS assertive/aggressive!

  • boosts in self confidence and self-worth

HOW the Module Works

  • we then discuss HOW (the words to use) to manage the most relevant situations (identified in our research)

Subjects Covered

  • completion of “Sensitivity v Assertiveness” questionnaires and Answer Sheets and round table “group therapy”

  • discussion and agreement on what assertiveness IS

  • an introductory debate: which is worse (in a dental practice) - being too meek and sensitive or being too insensitive and aggressive?

  • syndicate work with teams each allocated subjects to discuss and agree HOW to handle them, technique and the words to say

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  • the questionnaire and “group therapy” ensure all understand that, when they care, they can CHOOSE how to behave

Click left on our fun, but effective self-analysis questionnaire. The examples in effect define what “assertiveness” is and illustrate that there are always options on how to behave.

  • LISTENING and Questioning techniques

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him [email protected] to discuss possibilities

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  • how to behave in different circumstances, irrespective of how you feel

We don't try to change people! Everyone has a unique personality; we teach how to BEHAVE when assertiveness is needed, and we teach how to BEHAVE when gentleness is required!

  • use and interpretation of Body Language and applications in the practice

  • techniques of CONTROL and Self Control

  • knowing WHAT TO DO in situations previously found difficult

  • improved communications and teamwork in the practice