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Teambuilding Kits

Over the years we have created a variety of Teamworking Tasks, many of which we can easily adapt and modify for practices to deliver themselves. So we have designed Kits for the 7 most popular activities. BUT, we don’t just provide them "off the shelf" - Rick will always discuss a practice's unique circumstances and objectives in order to tailor the Kits to meet them.

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The Moonlanding


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Kits incude a Tutor's Brief with clear instructions on how to prepare, deliver and debrief the Task. Also included is a master copy of delegates' brief and copies of Teamwork Behaviour Checklists for debriefs; the books "Share, Care, Communicate" and "THINK ABOUT IT!"; (up to 12 copies of each book, for cost of extra see Self Help Books); and, of course, the relevant "hardware" - see details of each Kit below. Prices include vat but exclude postage/shipping.

A great task for helping staff engage with each other and learn and practise key skills - especially LISTENING and DEBATING, as well as TEAMWORKING. In Part 1 individuals choose 12 out of 30 items to take with them on a mission to the moon and then, in Part 2, having made their individual choices, the team or teams must discuss and AGREE on 12 items to take - and prioritise them; Part 3, if there are 2 or more teams, is for them to all agree! (It never happens!)

- indoors - 60 minutes - 4 to 6 in each team - £150

How Good Are We At Teamwork?

In preparation for this Task EVERY member of the practice team must anonymously complete a questionnaire scoring 12 "symptoms" of effective teamwork. The Practice Manager or Principal or whoever is going to facilitate the training/practice meeting, then collates the scores to identify the team's strengths and weaknesses. The results are then presented to the team for discussion and debate and, hopefully, AGREEMENT on an action plan on how to improve.

- indoors - 60 minutes - ideally for the whole practice team - £150

Experiential Profiling - Teamworking

The facilitator issues laminated Reference Cards and explains the principles of Experiential Profiling (from detailed Tutor's Brief) Team members then pair up to each select 2 or 3 "Personality Types" from each of the Bright AND Dark sides that best describe how they believe they project as personalities. There is then a round table "group therapy" session with each individual learning HOW they can maximise their effectiveness as team players and communicators.

- indoors - 60 minutes - for up to 12 in one "sitting" - £200

The Lego Tower

The aim for this task is to maximise PROFIT. Each team is issued with a box of Lego pieces and 3 Profit Graphs illustrating how much money they would earn depending on how many bricks they use, the height of their tower and the time they take to build it. It requires real teamworking, especially in challenging the ASSUMPTIONS people WILL be making!

- indoors - 60 to 90 minutes - for teams of 4 to 6 - £250 for two kits - extra £100 each


In this task teams, using Scrabble letters, have to make up words of specific lengths - with dental words counting double! Each team is issued with a box of Scrabble tiles and they can add to these in a variety of ways - egs buying, or an auction between teams for valuable letters like a Z or a blank. Teams need to read the "small print" carefully to work out how to score highly - and again, watch out for the ASSUMPTIONS that will distract them!

- indoors - 60 to 90 minutes - for teams of 4 to 6 - £250 for two kits - extra £100 each

One Big Happy Team

Our most popular task! To fully assemble a 500 or 1000 piece jigsaw in about an hour, at least two competing teams need to collaborate! The puzzle is split into 20 sections with teams allocated sections they are responsible for; and each piece has a number on its back to help with assembly. But teams are not issued with their sections - they have to earn them by going on a “treasure hunt”!

- indoors and outdoors - 90 to 120 minutes - for teams of 4 to 6 - £350 for a 500 piece jigsaw; £450 for a 1,000 piece

One Big Happy Team is a great task for bringing everyone together and getting over the message that, no matter what your individual and “small team” roles might be in the practice, everyone has to communicate and co-operate to maximise results - for the ONE big happy (practice) TEAM.

The Balloonpole

- outdoors - 2 to 3 hours - for teams of 6 to 8 - £350 for 2 kits - £150 each for more

The aim of the Task is to maximise profit by building a flagpole flying balloons from the top of it - with the height and the number of balloons and the time taken as the measurements. Included in each kit are 100 balloons; poles of varying widths and strengths sufficient to design and build a base and then erect a 50 feet balloonpole; varying widths and lengths of string and rope; scissors.

An option In the Planning Phase is to hold an AUCTION between teams for materials. So by the time of the auction teams need to have a very specific strategy - for how much they can afford to spend versus the potential rewards. And negotiating between teams before and after the auction is allowed.

In the first instance please email or telephone Rick Whitehead -  [email protected]  -  07831 345 373

The Minefield

- outdoors - 2 to 4 hours - for teams of 6 to 8 - £350 for 2 kits - £150 each for more

The whole team are imprisoned and need to escape - through a minefield! With wounded team mmbers to carry / guide through! But equipment is provided and, to help teams plot their way through the minefield, there are "logic" clues available to work out where each mine is. Or maybe the clues are not available! Because one option is to build in a "treasure hunt" element, so teams have to search for the clues. THIS TASK IS ENDLESSLY ADAPTABLE.