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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

give them an INFORMED choice

HELPING Patients to Buy ........

Developing the most relevant Key Skills for each Team Member - egs

  • Listening,  Empathy, Interpreting Needs

  • Questioning to establish what patients NEED

  • Use and Interpretation of Body Language

  • Helping patients Identify, Aspire to, and Visualise, their goals 

  • Explaining the BENEFITS to patients of treatments

  • Assertiveness, managing upset or difficult patients

  • "Closing the Sale" - HELPING Patients to Buy

Give your patients an INFORMED CHOICE

Ideally ALL team members (not just those attending a course) will answer ANONYMOUSLY the 12 easy-to-answer questions. The results then both influence the structure of the course agenda AND are analysed by course delegates as a key session in that agenda - delegates decide in which areas they need to improve and HOW to do so!

Courses are 100% personalised to each practice's unique needs

  • what are your strategic objectives and which treatments or services do you wish to provide more of?

  • do you wish to include teamwork - all team members co-ordinating to help patients?

  • have team members any specific needs - eg assertiveness or asking for money or closing the sale?

Persuasiveness with Respect

We also offer special exercises using our Little Book of Epigrams so team members can identify how they as individuals can improve their persuasiveness in order to HELP their patients.

A no-cost option on tailor-made HELPING Patients to Buy courses is Experiential Profiling.

provide NEW information

Our Autumn offer - a half day course £305 - for up to 6 delegates

Participating team members each receive a copy of the 32 page handbook "HELPING Patients to Buy"

  • Teamwork - Share, Care, Communicate !

  • Empathy - inside the patient’s mind; how to earn their respect

  • Establishing a patient’s TRUE needs - getting to know patients

  • Presenting to HELP a patient buy - features and benefits

Chapters in the HELPING Patients to Buy handbook include:

  • HELPING patients decide - “closing the sale”

  • Use and interpretation of body language - golden rules

  • HELPING reluctant patients - gaining agreement; assertiveness

  • HELPING patients over the telephone - converting enquiries

The ethic behind “HELPING” patients to buy is that dental professionals are LETTING THEIR PATIENTS DOWN if they don’t

do everything they possibly can to persuade them to accept a treatment that will benefit them in a life-enhancing way.

  • are there team members you wish to prioritise - we can tailor-make courses for specific roles egs Receptionists or Patient Co-ordinators or for the whole team managing the "Patient Journey"

(on events booked before end of October for delivery anytime in 2019)

How Good Are We At ...... HELPING our Patients to Buy? 

We tailor-make programmes for practices and the people who attend - training is related to their role as individuals and/or teams - eg a dentist and nurse agreeing HOW (tactics) and HOW (developing their skills) they can HELP their patients WANT beneficial treatments.

Then it is easy to HELP “open-minded and hungry students” learn new skills and techniques!

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him [email protected] to discuss possibilities

Give the Team a Springtime boost!