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messages from Impetus Training Managing Director, Rick Whitehead 

9 March 2020 -

Because of the Corona Virus, all Impetus Dental Training is suspended until further notice. If I know one thing from working with dental professionals for more than 20 years, it is that they ARE professional and will be 100% preoccupied with the welfare of their patients and their staff in this difficult time. I, personally will be self-isolating, while still working hard at home to further develop and refine all my training materials, books, literature, etc, so that, when things have returned to normal, I will have even more to offer. Then, indeed, could be an ideal time for a Teambuilding event that would have, as a major objective, to thank and reward team members for their commitment and professionalism during the crisis. But in the meantime GOOD LUCK

21 September 2020 -

It's still not practical to offer any of our normal courses, I'm afraid, but the post corona virus edition of my book "HELPING Patients to Buy" is now available - just give me a call on 07831 345 373, or drop me an email, [email protected] if you would like a copy. I've also now almost finished my new book "THINK ABOUT IT!". This is a SELF help book which also values how to make OTHERS feel could.


And the next one in the pipeline is a post corona virus edition of "SHARE, CARE, COMMUNICATE!" - how to maximise the benefits of effective teamworking in a dental practice.

3 August 2020 -

I have been working hard since March, with my focus being how MIGHT I be able to help practices when they are once again offering there full range of services.


One task I have nearly completed is a new a post corona virus edition of my book "HELPING Patients to Buy" (including, for example, Social Distancing in the chapter on Body Language).


If anyone would like acomplimentary copy to review, please just give me a call on 07831 345 373.