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- helping dental practice teams help their patients - in “New Normal” times !

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JANUS is a great example of “it's obvious when you think about”!

It is easy to learn and easy to use - by ANYONE in a dental practice. It shows how to

VISUALISE and describe an ideal outcome in order to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The book even has a chapter on “The Therapeutic Benefits” of JANUS because it can be a pleasure in itself visualising happy outcomes - for example of the now

satisfied and proud patient (who currently is worried and wary)

  • patient care and managing patients, especially “challenging” ones!

  • practice culture, working conditions, leadership and management

  • teambuilding, teamworking and team spirit and personal development

  • achieving practice business objectives; strategic planning and marketing

But it is not in any way an “academic” book; it is about day-to-day REALITY with examples dental professionals in any role can relate to and learn from - to improve their empathy, communications and CONFIDENCE to, for example, actually look forward to the next time they are confronted by an angry patient!

JANUS Creative Planning


DECIDE to be Creative Self Help Books Share Care Communicate! HELPING Patients to Buy Leadership in a Dental Practice THINK ABOUT IT! D.I.Y. Resources

All Rick’s book address how dental professionals can perform more effectively - and they aim to provide whole life personal resources - especially how to be more creative. We don't HAVE to just get stuck into tasks, without pausing to consider options! JANUS helps you think of options without thinking! You start doing it automatically.


It has applications for....

Janus is a very enjoyable way of learning “Creative Positive Thinking” and possibly the best way of mastering it is by studying Janus and its partner book, “THINK ABOUT IT!” at the same time, eg, to inspire you

to think about situations in your practice, use an epigram like:

“You can only control what you can control ...

but YOU CAN CONTROL what you can control !”