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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 

Affinity Dental Care, Gloucester

a powerful tool for ambitious dental professionals who want MORE... for patients... for the team... for the business

you can only control what you can control .... but YOU CAN control what YOU CAN control!

Learning JANUS

Call or email Rick Whitehead now to discuss possibiltities - 01494 589 889  -

JANUS Creative Planning

JANUS can help you.....

  • AND/OR create a long term strategic plan to achieve your vision of the ideal future for the practice - and, before that even ....

There are 3 ways of learning Janus:

Affinity Dental Care Gloucester, who have

used Janus Creative Planning successfully

  • achieve practice productivity goals - egs: more patients, chair  occupancy, plan membership, high yield dentistry

  • improve team skills, relationships and motivation

  • manage the team and team members

  • solve problems, find solutions, meet challenges


1. Personal Coaching - a four hour one-to-one session, using agreed challenges in your practice

2. A Workshops for 2 to 4 team members - always working with your practice objectives

3. Individual Leaders / Managers attend an open Janus Creative Leadership course.

Which comes first, Selling or Marketing? Or, indeed, deciding what you want from your practice? Janus can be the valuable first step in the process - PLAN TO SUCCEED

Marketing with JANUS - Helping Patients To Buy

  • identify and describe what your vision is - what DO you want?

See Books for our Guide “Janus Creative Planning® for Ambitious Dental Professionals”

Learn using Ricks book (see Books)

"Janus Creative Planning  - for Ambitious Dental Professionals"