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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

Think About It !

  • full day courses/workshops/awaydays; half days; Lunchtime Learning Modules; personal coaching

  • planned PROGRAMMES towards ever higher standards, but always creatively flexible

  • evaluation and optional follow-up to all training

  • DIY - Teambuilding Tasks for purchase to Do It Yourself and a selection of Books for Sale

To help practices maximise the return on their investments of both money and TIME, we offer a range of Learning Modules to choose from. To help you, please download our 2 page pdf Dental Training Needs Analysis Form

Participating team members each receive a copy of the 32 page handbook "HELPING Patients to Buy"

  • Teamwork - Share, Care, Communicate !

  • Empathy - inside the patient’s mind; how to earn their respect

  • Establishing a patient’s TRUE needs - getting to know patients

  • Presenting to HELP a patient buy - features and benefits

Chapters in the HELPING Patients to Buy handbook include:

  • HELPING patients decide - “closing the sale”

  • Use and interpretation of body language - golden rules

  • HELPING reluctant patients - gaining agreement; assertiveness

  • HELPING patients over the telephone - converting enquiries

Study the Modules below, continuously referring to your Training Needs and Think About the options. We offer:

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him [email protected] to discuss possibilities

Modules for specific functions

  • teamworking: principles and applications

  • customer care along their Patient Journey

  • presenting and selling treatment plans

  • asking for commitment (closing the sale)

  • dealing with objections/misconceptions

  • asking for money

  • managing difficult and/or nervous patients

  • helping and training colleagues

  • time management

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Our Most Popular Courses

All courses and workshops are tailor-made to the needs of individual practices, so are often a "pick 'n mix" from the items in the modules below. But the theme of an event will usually follow one of these lines:

Modules on interpersonal skills

  • assertiveness, resolving conflict

  • questioning, listening and debating

  • use and interpretation of body language

  • creativity, creative and lateral thinking

  • use of initiative - decision making

  • the 7 Responsibilities of the Dental Practice Team Leader

Management & Leadership Modules

  • Responsibility Number 1 - “create and communicate shared objectives”

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Also consider the “STYLE” of training; our guiding principle is “delegates learn by DOING & having FUN”; if you opt for all-action, which kind of activity will be most appropriate and enjoyable for ALL participants? Outdoor (you choose degree of physical challenge); Indoor; competitive between teams; targeted to skill needs - egs: creativity, negotiating, debating. If training is tailored correctly to the needs and wishes of the people, we can guarantee success!