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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

Tailor-made for each practice and the “lunchtime” can be up to 2 hours and any time in the day!

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him to discuss possibilities


Our 6 UNIQUE and Exclusive Modules

Experiential Profiling is an extremely enjoyable way for team members to learn to see themselves as OTHERS see them. There are 4 applications: Teamworking; Helping Patients to Buy; Customer/Patient Care; and Leadership. In a module, each team member is required to identify their own profile (Bright and Dark sides) and then reveal it to the team for comments and feedback. In a lunchtime session, ideal numbers are 6 to a maximum of 10. These events are stress-free FUN because Experiential Profiling is easy to learn and easy to use - and, despite its simplicity - remarkably effective!

a typical dental practice lunchtime learning!

Reception, Dentist, Patient Co-ordinator, or a mix, and include: Teamwork, Communications, Customer Care, Leadership, or HELPING Patients to Buy.

All modules are “PERSONAL GROWTH” events - helping team members improve personal communications, relationships and behavioural skills as applicable in their roles. They are also "hands-on" - delegates learn by DOING, not by being lectured at! And they can be tailored to any role, egs:

Prices are £350 for up to 6 members of the team in one go. Extra are £25 each (where viable, depending on subject)

Learning tailored to each individual's unique personality and needs. Delegates learn HOW to develop their TRUE potential - leave their comfort zones and take risks. They work with our "Little Book of Epigrams" - 50+ amusing but serious "words of advice" designed to make people THINK. 

For practice leadership and management. Janus is a unique visualisation technique with almost limitless uses - from short term, egs: how to discipline someone, or solve a problem, or manage a difficult patient, to designing a long term growth plan.

How Good Are We At ....... ? questionnaires

In this module team members do the work BEFORE the event! Ideally ALL team members (not just those attending) complete an easy (about 10 minutes) questionnaire - anonymously. We collect them and present the results on the Module. Team members then work in teams to draw conclusions and agree Action Plans to improve - with no-one ever knowing what anyone scored for any question! We offer three versions: How Good Are We At .....

.... Teamwork and Communications;   or .... Customer Care (Our Patients are our Customers);  or .... HELPING Patients to Buy? (Ethical Selling)

The PERSUASIVE Professional

Workshops are personalised to the needs of nominated delegates who are issued with Rick's book "The PERSUASIVE Professional". Time is allocated variably to the 7 chapters in the book, as prioritised. The 7 chapters are: 1. the Persuasive Professional; 2. the Informative Professional; 3. the Controlled Professional; 4. the Professional Motivator; 5. the Professional Negotiator; 6. Pitching & Presenting Professionally; 7. the Reflective Professional.


Or choose from one of our 6 Unique and Exclusive Modules - see below. 

There will be an element of Rick's famous motivational speaking, but “hands on” means we research the problems, goals and challenges of the group and then ensure THEY find the answers while at the same time learning and practising NEW skills - including cooking! - if you have a kitchen, we can offer our Teamwork Task “A Gourmet Challenge” (maximum 6 people)







-   with two hours verifiable CPD for each attendee

We don't try to change people! Everyone has their own unique personality. Some ARE more sensitive / shy; some ARE more confident / outspoken. We teach how to BEHAVE in situations where they need to be "assertive", and we teach how to BEHAVE when gentleness is required

A Gourmet Challenge