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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members



Experiential Profiling is an interactive feedback system which identifies how any individual can maximise his/her success. It is tailor-made to individual roles by transforming the key elements of that role into a checklist of HOW TO DO IT.  Experiential Profiling is a no-cost option on all our courses and workshops and a Luchtime Learning Module can be devoted to it. There are 4 versions for dental professionals:

everybody has

a BRIGHT side

everybody has

a DARK side !

Participating in Experiential Profiling is stress-free FUN! It is easy to learn and easy to use - and, despite its simplicity - remarkably effective! Unlike other forms of profiling or psychometric testing, Experiential Profiling is designed to SHOW USERS WHAT TO DO to improve their productivity and results. It is is a wonderful way for team members to discuss each others' "profiles" and really get to know each other - and how to work together.

Teamworking           Helping Patients to Buy           Customer/Patient Care          Leadership

Experiential Profiling is an extremely enjoyable way for team members to learn to see themselves as OTHERS see them

Three "Epigrams" to help you on your way to self enlightenment!

  • So the way you did it last time worked - that doesn't mean there isn't a BETTER WAY

  • The comfort zone is always tempting, but it's CHALLENGE, even fear, which helps us grow as people


Above are 3 of 51 Epigrams in "a little book of Epigrams". They are from the section "Managing Your Comfort Zone". Other sections are "Creative Positive Thinking"; "Developing your TRUE Potential"; "Influencing, Inspiring, Engaging"; and "Strategic Thinking - Creative Planning"

All Epigrams are SERIOUS and aim to make readers THINK ABOUT IT ! The book can "stand alone" (for purchase see Books for Sale); be included in a course (with much laughter); or be a very effective group dynamic session in a Lunchtime Learning Module - see Lunchtime Learning.

  • When you only do what you are comfortable with you are surviving; when you try something new you are LIVING!

Helping Patients to Buy

Our book "Helping Patients to Buy" is 100% personalised to the roles of dental professionals when interacting with their patients. We use it on our courses AND it is written in such a way that it is both an "enjoyable read" and makes it easy to self teach. The inside cover contains "20 Key Questions" for readers to ask themselves (self analysis) which then guides them to which Chapters in the book to prioritise. For details of Chapters see Books for Sale.

Janus Creative Planning®

The book "Janus Creative Planning for AMBITIOUS Dental Professionals" is 100% tailor-made for dental professionals who have leadership and/or management responsibilities. It can be used for either short term situations (eg motivate a member of staff) or long term marketing plans - and all challenges in between! Key is that it presents practical checklists of what to do to get results. For details see Books for Sale. We also offer Janus as a workshop, personal coaching or as a Luchtime Learning Module

DIY - Do It Yourself Teambuilding

Please visit our page DIY for details of the Teambuilding Tasks that we make available if practices wish to hold in-house teambuilding sessions. We always provide them with full instructions and are happy to even personalise them to a client practices specific needs. Our book "Share, Care Communicate" is also always part of the package. See Books for Sale.

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him [email protected] to discuss possibilities



We don't try to change people! Everyone has their own unique personality. Some ARE more sensitive/shy. Some ARE more confident/outspoken. We teach how to BEHAVE in situations where they need to be "assertive" egs with a complaining patient, or when asking for money; and we teach how to BEHAVE when gentleness is required eg the nervous patient. We use our fun, but very serious and effective "Sensitivity v Assertiveness" self-analysis questionaire.

Experiential Profiling - 4 versions designed for dental professionals - which are then tailor-made for individual practices!


EVERY person has CONTINUING (forever - no matter how experienced or old they may be!) POTENTIAL - to improve their

communications, relationships and behavioural skills - for their own PERSONAL benefit and fulfilment in every way - AND 

from their practice's and patients' POV, as applicable in their roles - to make them more productive and successful

ALL Impetus Personal Growth training for dental professionals is tailor-made for their role and their practice