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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 



Team members learn in 3 ways:

How it Works

The 12 profiles between them describe all the good ways (the Bright side) to behave, egs: positive body language, always consults others; AND all the common faults (the Dark side) egs: resistant to change, impatient, impulsive, poor listening.

A NO-COST OPTION - we offer Experiential Profiling as a no-cost option on all our courses and workshops

  • Subliminally - the good behaviours are repeated throughout the Bright side profiles, so participants learn from the process itself - that, for example, positive body language is required

  • Acknowledging what you, as a unique individual, HAVE TO DO to boost your success

  • Learning to see yourself as others see you

Experiential Profiling is an interactive feedback system which identifies how any individual can maximise his/her success. It is tailor-made to individual roles by transforming the key elements of that role into a checklist of HOW TO DO IT. We have created 4 versions for dental professionals ..........

everybody has

a BRIGHT side

everybody has

a DARK side !

Participating in Experiential Profiling on one of our courses is stress-free FUN! It is easy to learn and easy to use - and, despite its simplicity - remarkably effective! Unlike other forms of profiling or psychometric testing, Experiential Profiling is designed to SHOW USERS WHAT TO DO in order to improve their productivity and results.

A session on Experiential Profiling is a wonderful way for ALL attending team members to discuss each others' "profiles" and really get to know each other - and how to work together.

Teamworking           Helping Patients to Buy           Customer/Patient Care          Leadership

an extremely enjoyable way for team members to learn to see themselves as OTHERS see them