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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 

"SERIOUS FUN" Teamworking Tasks

a mantra of Impetus Training is "Delegates Learn By DOING" - rather than being lectured at!

Call or email Rick now to arrange a no obligation visit  to discuss  possibilities for

your practice - 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 -

The Design Principles for our Dental Practice Teambuilding "Tasks"  

  • tasks are chosen by team members from a "shortlist" which all contribute to the course objectives and priorities as agreed with management

  • there will be a mix of "games", egs with Lego, or a Treasure Hunt, and debates, discussions on practice issues identified in research and "How Good Are We At Teamwork?"

  • team members use and practise skills identified as most relevant, egs Listening, Assertiveness

  • stresses and pressures simulate those at work - eg a time constraint

  • debriefings relate what happened (in the Task) to practice "real life", eg difficult patients!

  • we, above all, believe that "delegates learn by enjoying themselves"

We have a vast library, built up over the years, of Tasks and activities for practices to choose from

AND we don't just take them "off the shelf" - they are always adapted to the needs and wishes of each team

see four example agendas

team members CHOOSE the exercises / teamwork tasks they know they will ENJOY

Allsopp & Ass, Walsall, on a Treasure Hunt

Included in the price of all Teambuilding events is is a visit to the practice by Rick or Cheryl to consult with as

many team members as possible on the type of activity they would enjoy AND on practice issuues they

believe are worth discussing on their day. An ulterior motive for these consultations is to ensure team

members all LOOK FORWARD to THEIR day (rather than being "sent" on a course or !!!)

visit Profiling to see how team members have fun while learning about themselves and seeing themselves as others see them

Ideally ALL team members (not just those attending a course) will answer ANONYMOUSLY the 12 easy-to-answer questions. The results then both influence the structure of the course agenda AND are analysed by course delegates as a key session in that agenda - delegates decide in which areas they need to improve and HOW to do so! See example of Whitehouse Dental Practice 

How Good Are We At ...... TEAMWORK ?