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- helping dental practice teams help their patients - in “New Normal” times !

Share, Care, Communicate !

A practical guide for ANY team member which is packed full of tips and techniques on how TO BE a great team member. WHY though? Who benefits if ........ everything runs smoothly and there is little or no confusion or misunderstanding or poor communicating (or LACK of it - the most common complaint is “nobody told ME”!)


Share, Care, Communicate are the 3 ingredients of teamwork.


Share means there are “shared objectives” - knowing what everyone is working towards; feeling PROUD and taking ownership.


Care means caring for patients, of course, but also your colleagues and the practice and its contribution to the community. And “communicate” speaks for itself!

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How to make a practice team WORK in a 21st century working environment

"Share, Care, Communicate" is an easy, enjoyable and meaningful read for anyone who needs to work, communicate and co-operate with others - ie, everyone in a practice team. It includes a "How Good Are We At Teamwork" questionnaire for team members to anonymously, score each of 12 “symptoms of teamwork” out of 5 and handing their copy in - still anonymously. Then studying and discussing the results in a meeting can be both very productive and great fun!

"Share, Care, Communicate" is a very practical book showing why and HOW to be a good team member. It includes two "Self Analysis Checklists" - one for "Me as an Individual" and one for "The Team as a Team", and spells out clearly HOW to Share - and HOW to Care - and HOW to Communicate!

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It also includes ideas on how to hold your own teambuilding sessions using the Self Analysis Checkilists (and see D.I.Y. Resources)