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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 

Please go to Reference Books to see our unique range of books, including "Share Care, Communicate"

and a "Little Book of Epigrams", which help participants learn while on their course AND afterwards

a happy, engaged and PROUD team is a PRODUCTIVE team

and thanks to the support of our partners, Dental Business Solutions, our ongoing special offer is .......

£425 for 6 participants - extra £20 each (normal £840 for up to 12 - extra £40 each)

AND for June, July August bookings (deliver anytime in 2019) deduct ANOTHER 10%!

£425 for 6; £465 for a team of 8; £505 for a team of 10

£605 for a team of 15;  £705 for a team of 20  

£805 for a team of 25;  £905 for a team of 30

Prices include vat - and .....

  • 7 hours verifiable CPD for each participant

  • copies of the handbooks "Share, Care, Communicate" and a "Little Book of Epigrams" 

  • an 100% tailor-made programme for your practice via a research visit by Rick to consult with management and as many of the team as possible

OUR GUARANTEE - we only invoice a £200 deposit and the balance after your training IF YOU ARE SATISFIED

Some Examples.... (deduct 10% for June to August bookings 

It’s (nearly) SUMMERTIME !

So you could go raft building. But we are not suggesting you do. Our approach is to always CONSULT TEAM MEMBERS on the activities they would ALL enjoy before we design THEIR programme. You could, for example, have a team challenge with Lego instead (or as well as). Our objective is to always ensure everyone is looking forward to their teambuilding - rather than dreading it!

A Raft Race A LEGO challenge