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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

“SERIOUS” Teambuilding

Photos below are of practices enjoying teambuilding in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Bristol, Yorkshire, Edinburgh. Birmingham and Hampshire.

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Rick consults the TEAM

THE BENEFITS of Rick Whitehead's famous Teambuilding Days


Team members will enjoy an experience to remember and talk about for years; and feel recognised and engaged - on board with the Practice Objectives and galvanized to achieve them; above all we maximise the PRIDE they feel in THEIR practice and the contribution it is making in their community.

All Impetus Teambuilding events are designed with 3 considerations - 1. Teambuilding (egs, relationships, co-operating) 2. Teamworking (egs, synchronising, communications, resolving issues) 3. Motivating (see below). PLUS whichever functional job skills you wish to prioritise, egs, Listening, Negotiating, Body Language, Assertiveness (eg asking for money!)


Using our unique and fun tools, Experiential Profiling and A Little Book of Epigrams, each individual team member identifies HOW they can improve their projection and performance.

from £425 - with up to 8 hours verifiable CPD for each team member

click a photo to expand it and go to Happy Practices for case studies of practices Rick has helped


All team members receive copies of  the handbook, "Share, Care, Communicate!", including the "Story of Mary" on her first ever day at work in a dentlal practice! See Books

Visit Serious Fun for more insights and Dental Profiling to see how team members can have fun while learning about themselves

AND learning to see themselves as others see them and see Special Offer for our current SERIOUS Teambuilding deals.


... as part of our preparaton, team members anonymously complete a "How Good Are We At Teamwork" questionnaire of 12 key "symptoms of teamwork". Results are presented and discussed - a fun and stress-free way of debating how teamworking can improve.

“SHARE, CARE, COMMUNICATE !” - the 3 ingredients of teamwork -