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Tailor-Made, verifiable CPD to help dental practices be more successful -

AND boost the productivity, motivation and PRIDE of all team members

Participating team members each receive a copy of the 32 page handbook "HELPING Patients to Buy"

  • Teamwork - Share, Care, Communicate !

  • Empathy - inside the patient’s mind; how to earn their respect

  • Establishing a patient’s TRUE needs - getting to know patients

  • Presenting to HELP a patient buy - features and benefits

Chapters in the HELPING Patients to Buy handbook include:

  • HELPING patients decide - “closing the sale”

  • Use and interpretation of body language - golden rules

  • HELPING reluctant patients - gaining agreement; assertiveness

  • HELPING patients over the telephone - converting enquiries

persuasive communicating to influence and inspire  -  a TWO HOUR Learning Module; ideal numbers 2 to 6


The PERSUASIVE Professional

  • delegates develop their ability to advise and persuade, rather "tell" patients what they should do!

WHO Should Attend

practice leadership and management, patient co-ordinators, other senior staff

HOW the Module Works

the Persuasive Professional is a self development book; this module is used to kick-start the process by ensuring each delegate understands how they as individuals can use it as is applicable to them - their personality and job role

An Example 2 hour Agenda

  • introductions, CPD Objectives, H&S, programme content and style

  • issue CPD Certificates; optional individual consultations if required

personalised for 4 to 6 delegates to kick-start a self development process

  • issue of "The Persuasive Professional"; round table introductory discussion on each delegate's perceived priorities

A module based on Rick Whitehead's book "The Persuasive Professional", written for anyone who, needs to influence, motivate and persuade others - and the more effectively they do this, the more successful they will be.

  • "group therapy" for each delegate to truly accept what her/his own priorities  are - for learning and developing in order to HELP patients

  • people will be persuaded if they can accept new information and advice from someone they instinctively believe - a dental professional SHOULD be that person - IF they don't project as condescending or "telling"!

  • discussion to "buddy-up" delegates based on their priorities

  • in pairs discuss and agree the situations they need to prioritise

  • open forum on different chapters in the book as time allows; agreement on how Rick will follow up to help delegates

  • introduction to "Experiential Profiling for Persuasive Professionals" and individual completion of exercises on page 3 of the book

1. the Persuasive Professional

2. the Informative Professional

3. the Controlled Professional

4. the Professional Motivator


We all have different personalities and, if you NEED at times, to influence, motivate and persuade, but aren’t naturally very good at it, then you are at a disadvantage to others who are more “persuasive”, or “charming” or “charismatic” by nature.

5. the Professional Negotiator

6. Pitching & Presenting Professionally

7. the Reflective Professional (Bright &

The 7 chapters in the book are:

The book is NOT for "Salespeople" - it is aimed at people who, during their "real work" (eg a dentist) also need to persuade others (eg patients!)

Dark side reference card inside cover)

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him to discuss possibilities

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Prices £350 for up to 6 - extra £25 each