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- helping dental practice teams help their patients - in “New Normal” times !

1, Creative Positive Thinking  2, Managing Your Comfort Zone 3, Developing Your TRUE Potential 4, Influencing Engaging Inspiring 5, Strategic Creative Planning

An introduction advises how to USE "THINK ABOUT IT!" and there is an INDEX of 10 topics identifying epigrams that could apply to each. The 10 Topics are:


THINK ABOUT IT! is a Self-Help book presenting 60 thought-provoking epigrams which help people reflect and learn about themselves and then modify, as necessary,

their behaviour and projection in order to fulfill their TRUE potential.

  • the best way to win an argument is to APOLOGISE to the other person!

  • now here's an original thought, the other person (eg a patient) MIGHT BE RIGHT !

  • when the going gets tough ... the wise get ...CREATIVE, or take a break and go to the pub

  • the cofort zone is tempting but it's CHALLENGE, even fear, which helps us grow as people

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48 pages - click on this illustration of the cover for enlarged view

Some examples to THINK ABOUT ....



CONTENTS - there are 5 sections/steps, each containing 12 epigrams:

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How to use it: it's great for "flicking though"; reading all 60 epigrams could only take

20 minutes; or choose one section/step; or study the index first; the choice is yours!

Whichever way, please note that, though you may find yourself laughing out loud

frequently, all epigrams are SERIOUS - to provide guidance, not only amusement!

It's also great for team meetings - to get to know and help our colleagues and "see ourselves as others see us" - interactivley comparing our self-perceptions with our colleagues for their feedback (lots of fun as well as tailored learning!)